This map was released on the August 10th 2012 as a new map along with CuberSpace. It is an enclosed area with teleporters installed in certain parts of the map.There is an UberHealth in one of the rooms and a UberArmor in blue team's base. There iare also 14 UberHealths hidden in a secret room underneath the map only avaliable via glitching. (Uberhealth removed after glitches being patched)


318px-Uberzone debut

A poster of the new map along with the Cannon Specials. Special NO longer available.

  • This map is good for medium range and with the teleporters around its easy to escape and ambush your oppenents.
  • There are weapons around the map like the Vandalizer and a Enamelator for pick-up.(Removed except cannon and Snotgun)
  • It is shown that if you were to shoot into the teleporter the bullet fired will be in the area you are teleporting to, a technique to take out opponents without them knowing where are you.
  • If an enemy player somehow happens to get themselves in a wall as long as you can see them use a melee weapon while their in the wall to make quick work of them after that make sure they do not do the wall glitch again.


  • Cmune stated this map was a homage to one of their favourite FPS maps of all time from the Quake series.
  • The 14 Uberhealths forms a Cmune symbol,possibly paying tribute to Cmune.
  • When UberZone was released all the cannons in the store at the time of the release were 50% off as seen in the picture.
  • Apparantly the glitches for getting into the secret room ubder UberZone have been patched by Cmune. This is most likely because the glitch allowed players to sit in the walls and get a birds eye view of the entire level and it also allowed the player that was camping in the wall to shoot other players and the players getting shot at could do nothing about it.