330px-USP Tactical
400px-USP.45 Tactical

USP .45 Tactical Black

310px-SIG 552 Camo and USP.45 Tactical Camo

SIG 552 (Top) with the USP.45 Camo (below)

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USP.45 Tactical Classic

The USP.45 Tactical is a handgun introduced to Uberstrike.

It is semi automatic and comes in two different colors,

USP.45 Tactical Classic

USP.45 Tactical Black

As of July 27 2012 a limited edition USP.45 was realeased but only for a limited ammount of time.

Limited Edition: USP.45 Tactical Camo

Both versions of the USP are the same in stats, 

SIG 552 (Top) with the USP.45 Camo (below)

Added by RexDiamond

the only difference between both versions of the USP is the USP Black cost and holds more ammo then the USP Classic.

As of right now both versions of the USP.45 Tactical are only available for credits.

The USP.45 Tactical is the first handgun in Uberstrike to have two different colors available.