GUN Splatter Gun
Level Lock 7
Direct Quote The Splatter Gun will fill the air with super-charged energy rounds that have splash damage. A high rate of fire makes it great at medium range.


The Splattergun is a fast firing gun which fires balls of energy to obliterate enemies. It can bypass defenses as it has splash damage .Firing at the legs will work too as the splash damage will not change the damage. When it hits the firer, they receive 4 hp damage, which is why one should be careful when using close range, at the ground or near walls. The large size of the Splattergun's bullets causes people to see where it was fired from, giving the firer a tactical disadvantage.


The Splattergun currently has a level lock of LEVEL 7

300 Points: Day

1,680 Points: Week

5,500 Credits: Permanent


Damage: 14

ROF: 110

Velocity: 50

Impact: 50