386px-SIG 552 Assault Rifle

SIG 552 Debut and Special Sale Picture. Special is no longer available.

A revolutionary new Machine Gun class weapon, The SIG 552 Assault Rifle.

Your probably wondering, "what is so revolutionary about the SIG 552?" Well the SIG 552 is the first and right now the only triple fire Assault Rifle (and the first Assault Rifle in Uberstrike) to be added into Uberstrike's shop. Even though the the 552 is an Assault Rifle it is listed in the shop under Machine Gun, it is because there is no assault rifle section. 

The SIG 552 is one of the most accurate semi automatic machine guns in Uberstrike. It can be used from all ranges close, medium or long. (However it doesn't do so good at long distances) Unlike other Machine Gun class weapons the 552 can be zoomed in once for a better view of the area and your target.

The 4 Assault RiflesEdit

400px-SIG 552 ASsault Rifle

SIG 552 Assault Rifle Classic In Game

Like the AWP Sniper and SPAS-12 the SIG 552 comes in four diffrent colors,

Classic (As seen in the picture)

Black (Buy it in the shop for credits or win it for 1 week in the Mystery Box Drawing)

Camo (Win for 1 month in the Mystery Box Drawing)

Tiger (Win permantly in the Mystery Box Drawing)

The only diffrence between the Classic and Black is that the Black has more ammo and cost more credits to rent and buy then the classic. If your wondering why the picture says Black Corps special it's because when the SIG 552 was released they decided to make a special on the Black Corps gear.

Note: The special is no longer available

Level LockEdit

Level 50 is required to rent or buy this weapon with points. Or you could just get credits to bypass the leveling up stage.

The Bottom LineEdit

Bottom line is the SIG 552 is a good addition to anyones arsenal because of its decent accuracy, damage and rate of fire.


DO NOT USE the 552 as a substitute fo a sniper, because at long distances fit for a sniper the 552 will just miss almost every time. Since it is a burst weapon it releases 3 shots that tend to spread out the further they travel.

The SIG 552 is good for levels like Temple Of the Raven (TOR for short) for it's accuracy and rate of fire. Camp at the higher areas of TOR and you should be good just keep lots of ammo with you

Damage StatisticsEdit

The SIG 552 does a total of 75 damage provided the 3 round burst hits your target. Even though it fires 3 round burst the SIG 552 only consumes 1 ammo.

Special Edition SIG 552 Assault RifleEdit

400px-SIG 552 Lucky Draw

There are 2 specially colored versions of the SIG 552 that can only be won in the Mystery Box Drawing. Each one has more starting ammo then the classic.

SIG 552 Camo (Only able to rent for 30 days if won)

SIG 552 Tiger (Is permanent once won in the drawing)