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In Celebrations of getting 1 Million likes on facebook, CMUNE has released a modified version of Skygarden and gets this new name called Golden Gun.

The name deserved to be called Golden Gun as there is a Gold Uzi in the middle of the map. 

About the Golden GunEdit

The Golden Gun is located in the centre of the map. It has an appearance of a Gold Uzi that does 100 damage per body shot and 150 on a critical. Like the Uzi, it uses Machine Gun ammo but it is classified as a handgun. If you have a handgun in your loadout, you are unable to pick-up the gun.


This map has been removed from the game as it was a special map for celebrating the 1 Million likes they recieved on facebook. When the map was removed, the gun was moved to the original Skygarden and thus people complaining about how over-powered the gun was and so CMUNE removed it, once and for all.